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‘Uncharted’: The Amazing Trailer Starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg

Did you know Indiana Jones and Lara Croft? Meet your new favorite treasure hunter: Nathan Drake. The hero of the famous video game epic Anonymous (which obviously borrows from these two legends of this kind) is about to go from the small screen to the big screen with two big stars to implement this project. In this mod, Mark Wahlberg plays Sully the grave robber and his mentor Tom Holland (Revealed as Marvel’s Spider-Man) who began his career as an amazing but deeply likable young explorer.

Director Robin Fleischer here suggests creating a file “origin story” For Nathan Drake, who knows older video game fans. Sulli already has white hair on consoles and Nathan Drake is a 30-something dashing. So Tom Holland will have to reassure fans of the franchise and rediscover the satirical spirit of the cult character.

In this trailer we find all the symbols of these great adventure movies: ancient maps and legends, disappearing civilizations reminiscent of El Dorado and cartoonish villains who want to double our heroes. But if you find humor and antiquesIndiana Jones work Tomb riderAnd Anonymous Especially famous for these Absolutely amazing action scenes. This trailer lets us find out Anonymous, the cinematic version, retains that gaming DNA with a few typical shots and a very muscular on-board sequence.

Nathan Drake always runs away from the worst situations, it’s his trademark. small side Mission: Impossible Extreme that will attract lovers of Dantesque Falls. to play bad guys, Antonio Banderas And Tati Gabriel (which fans of The New Adventures of Sabrina know) have been called up. To see if the movie does justice to the video games that are so popular with audiences and critics, we’ll have to wait for the theatrical release. February 16, 2022.

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