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Life on Earth could have a different origin than previously thought – El Sol de Puebla

for a long time they experts They devoted themselves to analysis Origin From life on earth, This led them to various investigations, which yielded different theories, however, the scientific community points out that this field of study is still young, as it must be conducted Until now Further investigation to reach final conclusions.

A few days ago great Finding Which will serve as a key piece in future research, is a genetic tissue that exists today, but is estimated to have formed on this planet thousands of years ago, and this element is known as RNA (ARN).

These investigations are carried out by the Department of Biology at University of the Balearic Islands In Spain, who shared their results in a Article – Commodity It was published by El Pais newspaper. According to the project’s co-author, Dr. Maria Kappa, the molecules of the first living organisms are of great interest to these organisms Queries.

RNA and its relationship to life

Explain that the file ARN It is a component that consists of a single chain found in the genetic material of different viruses, and one of the most famous is Sars-Cov2, Whereas, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains two strands that make up a ladder. That is why they find it appropriate to analyze Which of the two forward.

“Probably the first Organisms They will have some molecules that facilitate the union of nucleotides and replication of DNA or RNA. He also states that “the solution to the question of the appearance of DNA or RNA for the first time has been of scientific interest since the discovery of this particles”, male cloak.

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This also became relevant because the basic units of the chains of these compounds are nucleotides, whose chemical products transfer of genetic information into cells; Thus, scientists have determined that both RNA and DNA are essential components of life’s processes.

The origin of RNA

one of the Main The hypothesis determined that the RNA was likely created in basalt lava glass, an element that was present in large quantities inside the Earth a few years ago. 4.3 billion Years. This would assume it was before DNA.

This was determined by a study led by Dr. Elisa Biondi de la Foundation for Applied Molecular Development de E.United States of America

In this project, it was highlighted that basalt is a type of igneous rock, one of the most common types of igneous rocks, which is formed when magma from volcanoes cools and turns into solid.

Also, this type of lava glass is not only available on the surface tiara or on the ocean floor, but also in Marty.

In this way, it is inferred that this compound could be on other planets throughout the universe. In this sense, he called another collaborator Stephen Mogis, stated that:

“For several hundreds of millions of years after the formation of the moon, both of them are frequent collisions (from meteorites) like plentiful volcanoes That was on that young land, they formed molten basalt lava, which is the source of basalt glass. The effects also evaporated water to form dry land, to provide Aquifers where RNA can form. “

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In conclusion, Bundy emphasized that more remains to be done Research, Which is that one of his main doubts is that he does not understand how life in our world has managed to transform from one simple structure to another. Too complicated.