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Lulu Gainsbourg and her love at first sight for Lilo on Instagram: ‘I saw a picture of her and I said Wow’

Lulu Ginsburg He released a new album called replay, which he worked on in close collaboration with his partner Lilou (real first name Aurélie), just as on the previous album, who are you there. For this news, the lovers trust the new issue of expensive, on newsstands this Thursday, November 11, 2021… Chance to find out that their love story began on… Instagram! “I saw a picture of her and I said wow‘, reveals Lulu Ginsburg, the 35-year-old son of Serge Ginsburg and Bamboo, the singer’s last companion, who died in 1991.It happened naturally‘,” comments Lilo, who at the time was working on radio, first as an intern at NRJ and then as co-host of the morning programs on Virgin Radio and Fun Radio, along with Bruno Guillon.

They live in Amsterdam

Since the beginning of their love story, seven years ago, Lulu Ginsburg and Lilo have traveled a lot, through New York or London. But in Holland the couple recently settled. “I fell in love with the city and its architecture in 2018, while celebrating my birthday‘, recognized by the son of Serge Gainsbourg glare, Glad to be ableWalk, walk, there’s music everywhere“.

describing himself asoveractive” And “pleased“Having found the one who allowed him to settle down, Lilo does not see his companion as the heir to Ginsburg, but sees that he is only half of him.”We tell each other everything. No hints between us, we love each other. I don’t see him as Lulu Ginsburg, he’s my lover”, explains the young woman, who paid attention to the texts on replay.

This isn’t the first time the lovebirds have trusted their relationship. In 2017, on the occasion of the release of her previous album, Lulu Gainsbourg spoke about her deepest desire to start a family. “My main goal is to be a father. My personal life is my priority‘, admitted the person who studied music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in here is Paris. This time around, Lulu and Lilo are no longer talking about that baby wish, but the project is definitely still relevant.

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