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Michał Mikojajczak - Female, Edita Jazak, Actor, Height, Age, First Love, Instagram

Michał Mikojajczak – Female, Edita Jazak, Actor, Height, Age, First Love, Instagram

Author: Arthur Sawatsky / Reporter / EastNews

Who is Micah Mikosajak? He is an actor who can connect the audience with many Polish products. Mike is one of the heroes of First Love, Na Wspólnej, but some may associate him with the TVN Agent – Stars project. How old is Mikes Mykosajzak? How tall is he and does he have a girlfriend? Details can be found in this article. Get to know him better.


  2. Michał Mikołajczak – Development
  4. Michał Mikołajczak – First love
  5. Michał Mikołajczak – Instagram

Michał Mikojajczak – Female, Edita Jazak, actor, height, age, first love, Instagram. Such phrases are often searched by Internet users. Who is Micah Mikosajak? He is definitely a Polish TV, film and drama actor. In 2011, he graduated from the Theater Academy in Warsaw, and his career gained considerable momentum. She began gaining recognition in 2012, and for 3 years she played Bartos Janowski as Agatha’s assistant – Agnieszka Digant in the TVN La Agatha series. Then, in 2016, he played the role of law coach Darius Epic in the Na Wspólnej series. From 2017, viewers can follow his adventures in the series First Love, where he plays Piotr Majjik, who always delights in tears. In addition, the winner of the third season of TVN Agent – Stars, which aired from February 21 to May 16, 2018, is Mike Mikosajak. The actor, in addition to acting in various roles, loves football and travel. What else do you want to know about him?

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How old is Mikes Mykosajzak? The actor was born in Chaplain on August 19, 1986, which means he will celebrate his 35th birthday in 2021. Interestingly, he is the son of a couple of teachers – a Polish teacher and a history teacher.

Michał Mikołajczak – Development

How tall is Mickey Mikosazzak? The actor is very tall as he is 191 cm tall!


Does Mikey Mykosazzak have a girlfriend? This is definitely interesting for many fans of the actor who will sigh looking at him. Unfortunately, we can not find information on the web if his heart is busy. However, rumors have been circulating for days that Mikey Mikojazak is meeting a unique model, Edita Jazak.

Michał Mikołajczak – First love

Biotech from first love That’s exactly it Micah Mycosajjack. The audience loved his character for a reason. He is funny, he has his charisma, in addition, funny situations happen to him often. Initially he is called a lover and jumps from flower to flower, but in the end he is attacked by a cupid’s arrow. He fell in love with Mels, a policewoman, and later joined the police.

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Michał Mikołajczak – Instagram

Micah Mycosajjack Is active Instagram. You will see him without any problem by entering his name and surname or a nickname _Mitchell_MycologyJack.

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