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Monaco - PSG.  PSG crashes in Monaco.  Followed by a fourth distance failure

Monaco – PSG. PSG crashes in Monaco. Followed by a fourth distance failure

Before the match, AS Monaco was ninth in the standings. Priscilla’s team recently lost 1-0 to RC Strasbourg and had 41 points in their tally. They lost six “points” to a place that guaranteed play in the trophies. PSG was the clear leader of Ligu1. The Parisians had 65 points and were 15 points ahead of Olympique de Marseille and OGC Nice. In the previous round Paris Saint-Germain beat Girondins Porto 3-0.

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PSG’s favorite in the game, but Monaco’s opponents’ goal was often threatened. Jean Lucas hit the post in the 10th minute, forcing the same player Gianluigi Donorumma to intervene in the 21st minute. Four minutes later a goal was finally scored. Yusuf Fopana scored from the right side and Wissam Ben Yeder completely surprised the goalkeeper with a brilliant shot.

PSG had to wait until the 43rd minute for its first good situation. Then Ashraf Hakimi decided to shoot from the penalty area. But Alexander Nobel intervened brilliantly, with Monaco leading 1-0 against Paris Saint-Germain until the break.

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After changing the pages, it seemed that PSG would attack to bring them to a level, but that did not happen. In addition, the Paris team lost another goal. In the 68th minute, Wissam Ben Yedder received a pass through the wing, which was a great spot for Ruben Aguilar. He fell in the penalty area, but instead of shooting, he also played for Kevin Woland, and the unaccepted shot scorer entered the list of shooters.

The Parisians tried to attack from time to time, but Nobel recovered well. This is what happened when Mauro Icardi hit in the head in the 79th minute. Three minutes later the game was over. Presnell Kimmpey fouled Holland in the penalty area and the referee awarded a “penalty” to Monaco. Ben Yedder approached the ball, but Donorumma realized his purpose. However, he very unfortunately intervened and the ball fell into the net anyway.

Until the end of the game, neither team had a chance to score, and AS Monaco beat PSG 3-0. In the table, the hosts advanced to seventh place, and the guests, after a third consecutive defeat, were still leading with a safe advantage. Taking all the matches into account, Sunday’s game was already the fourth consecutive outfield game. Real Madrid have lost all three of their matches in League 1 in the Champions League.

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AS Monaco – PSG 3: 0 (1: 0)

Goals: Wissam Ben Yder (25, 84-K), Kevin Voland (68)