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‘More than just friendship’: Françoise Hardy makes a new declaration of love for Jacques Dutronic

‘More than just friendship’: Françoise Hardy makes a new declaration of love for Jacques Dutronic

In an interview with Journal du Dimanche, Françoise Hardy opened up about her relationship with Jacques Dutronic. Then the singer makes it a great declaration of love.

Ella decided to abandon herself with an open heart. In an interview with Sunday newspaper Broadcast on July 3, 2022, Françoise Hardy is immersed in many secrets. In particular, she returned to her relationship with Jacques Dutronic. If you are no longer in a relationship with him, then the singer feels real affection for him: “Jack will be the man of my life and the feelings we have for each other today go beyond friendship.”as you say. So, seeing his son and former companion on stage together, he puts balm to his heart: “I am proud of their amazing talent and I am happy with what they are doing together.”

This interview was also an opportunity for Françoise Hardy To indulge his serious health problems : “Since 45 radiotherapy sessions, the complete absence of saliva and lack of irrigation of the skull and entire ENT area has made my life horrible”reveal before proceeding: “I spend at least five hours a day feeding, and I always run the risk of nosebleeds because my nostrils are extremely dry and clogged despite being covered in oil several times a day. Recently bleeding has caused my throat to dry out, causing me to cough and choking attacks. “.

Françoise Hardy fights for her loved ones

But the singer does not lose hope and Trying to keep smiling at Jack and Thomas Dutronic : “For my son and husband, yes, for my friends too, but my life has become so difficult that sometimes I want to go away from sleep and not wake up.” Touch the confidence of those who fight daily and watch her life turned upside down due to many diseases. Today, she wants to make the most out of her loved ones around her.

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