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MSB ousts Nanterre

And two for Le Mans, Sarth Baskett! The second victory in two days of the French Elite Basketball Tournament, Sarthe. Having crushed Boulogne-Levallois in Saturday’s opening tournament in Antares (83 to 65), Tangos went on to beat Nanterre, 86 to 75. However, Tangos started very poorly in this meeting with the stunning scenario. We are at the end of the third quarter. Tango is at their worst with 15 points behind Nanterre. Nothing fits the three points. Only 1 successful shot out of 16 attempts. The match looks folded, unless there is an unlikely start.

22-0 in 7 minutes!

And the unlikely thing will happen. There are three minutes left before the last quarter and Manco starts playing. The severity of the degree rises. Doubt disappears. The baskets are chained in front of the French, who can no longer find the circle. In 7 minutes, MSB 22-0 . passes. “22-0, are we past it? Oh yes anyway. Yes !” same If coach Elric Dilord It cannot be bypassed. “We weren’t doing well, we’re all extinct. And the players on the field, like a lighter, lit a fuse and the Scorpion’s heart exploded. And when Antarès is that way, the breath on the back of the neck is strong. This helps!“.

Kenny Baptiste, The X Factor

The one who set the fire was young Kenny Baptiste, 21, 12-point author and some brutal dive during MSB heatstroke. “This is the first time among professionals. This has never happened to me and it gives me goosebumps. Feel the excitement and euphoria. It was a fireworks showHe finished the match with 14 points with a success of 70% and 5 rebounds.It’s the kind of meeting that holds the group together“The coach is the one who gets angry”If you win the first two matches but lose the next ten, it is pointless“Of course, but the MSB team was full of confidence before facing Monaco, the favorites in the tournament, on Sunday at 5pm, the MSB team was full of confidence.

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