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MSI offers a dual-chip design for the AMD X670 motherboard.

MSI offers a dual-chip design for the AMD X670 motherboard.

Dual SIM, but no active cooling

MSI tries to share as much information as possible on the AMD AM5 platform.

The company has already confirmed AMD EXPO . Technology For DDR5 overclocking profiles and installation guide AMD Ryzen 7000 Engineering Sample CPU. AMD was clearly not satisfied that MSI was completely clear with all this information, and in the end Computex was just a show, not a full disclosure. As a result, some of this information has already been removed at AMD’s request.

But MSI clearly wouldn’t mind. During the MSI Insider stream, the company introduced the design of the AMD X670 chipset without heat exchangers. This is actually the first time we’ve seen a dual chipset design, which AMD has confirmed but not shown.

AMD X670 motherboard, Source: MSI

The AMD AM5 platform with the LGA1718 socket will support processors with up to 170W PPT (Socket Power) processors. The first generation of AM5 processors will be based on Zen4 architecture with support for DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5 hardware. The dual-design X670E and X670 chipset provides up to 24 PCIe Gen5 slots for graphics and storage.

While AMD has already confirmed this, the new X670 chipset does not require active cooling. This simply reduces the development cost of AMD 600 series motherboards and may also mean lower power consumption.

AMD X670 chipset cooler, Source: MSI

The presentation of the Computex Ryzen 7000 and X670 is just a glimpse of what will be released (officially) this fall. AMD promised to provide more details this summer. B650 motherboards should be of a single-chipset design, which means smaller heat sinks.

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