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Overwatch 2 drops loot boxes, introduces a new level of skins, and plans new characters

Overwatch 2 drops loot boxes, introduces a new level of skins, and plans new characters

Blizzard is working hard to justify the production of the sequel to Overwatch, even though for many the game is similar to the original. One of the most significant differences is the previously announced move to the F2P model and, as announced in today’s broadcast, a complete exit from Lootboxes.

Random end?

New content can now be purchased through the store, where we choose the items that interest us, rather than relying on the randomness of chests. In addition, a season pass will also be presented, which will allow you to unlock additional rewards.

Unfortunately, the developers aren’t ready to talk about Overwatch 2’s business model yet. An editorial office was invited to speak to studio staff, but they didn’t want to talk about the details of the microtransactions.

Game Director Aaron Keeler, in response to another question about her, said:

These questions show that every decision we make changes players’ behavior quite a bit. When we start talking about the business model, every detail matters. Even the way the game is delivered. We don’t want to talk about it until we have all the details. Without a complete picture, it is very difficult to answer such questions. First and foremost, we want this system to be fair and generous with the players, and I don’t think we can do that by answering one or two questions. We must have time to present everything at once.

This also applies to the PvE “campaign” sales model that Blizzard is planning for 2023.

legend above legend

In Overwatch, the most requested skins were Legendary. In continuation, these will be legendary skins. Unlike other cosmetic items, players will be able to customize it freely. Choose from a number of different options such as the appearance of the mask, the tone of the skin, or the appearance of the tattoo. In the first season of Overwatch 2, there will be one legendary skin that Genji will get which we can see in Concept Art.

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It’s time for a new season

Overwatch 2 reveals its content roadmap

It was also revealed that PvP will expand throughout the seasons. Everyone is expected to last about 9 weeks and add new maps or modes, and a new champion will appear every other season. However, in the first season and the unmistakable premiere of the game on October 4, there are 3 new heroes (including Soljurn and Junker Queen). During the interview, Jeff Goodman – Lead Designer of Heroes He told us there are two supporting characters in the pipeline, looking very promising, and one tank. However, it is not known if they will participate in the game or not.

During our conversation with studio reps, we also learned that it will take place shortly after the premiere Halloween event revamped with Junkenstein championship. However, we still have to wait for the details.

Before we move into Early Access on October 4, Blizzard plans to test beta consoles and PC on June 28.