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Returning to my mother’s house on TF1: The sequel Un tour chez ma fille will soon be launched in theaters

Returning to my mother’s house on TF1: The sequel Un tour chez ma fille will soon be launched in theaters

It aired tonight on TF1, and Retour chez ma mère was entitled to a sequel, My Daughter’s Tour, in theaters on June 16!

Released in June 2016, Retour chez ma mère is a huge success, attracting 2.2 million spectators in France.

After 5 years, director Eric Lavigne meets his happy band at Un tour chez ma fille, which will be shown in theaters on June 16.

In the first movie, Stephanie, better known as Alexandra Lamy, is forced to return to live with her mother, Jacqueline (Josiane Balasco). Welcomed with open arms, she discovered the frenzied joys of the apartment, Frances Cabrille in the frenzied Scrabble ring and games.

She also benefited from dear mother’s advice on how to sit at the table and lead her life. Between settling scores and family secrets, the little family is unleashed in the most joyful way.

“Returning to my mother’s house after hitting great success in theaters and television, the movie partners quickly encouraged me to make a sequel. But without the right idea, I didn’t pursue it.” The day I imagined the title that sounded so good compared to the first author, Says director Eric Lavigne.

“A trip to my daughter’s house was a great match for Retour chez ma mère. So the title was the seed for that scenario, while in general we write a script and then take our head to find an effective title!”, He explains.

On Un tour chez ma fille, Stephanie is absent and went to live in Brazil. This time the mother is to arrive! In the midst of renovating her apartment, Jacqueline is forced to go and live “a few days” with her eldest daughter, Carol (Mathilde Sener) and her son-in-law, Alan (Jerome Commander), in the midst of a therapist couple.

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These “few days” turn into “a few months”, Jacqueline quickly feels at home, making dinner, monopolizing the TV, reorganizing the kitchen … she’s there and we don’t know for how long!

Josiane is back!

Josiane Balasko was so happy to find Eric Lavaine’s cast and part of the first casting cast:

“Eric wanted to find this family, without knowing yet what he was planning to do with the intrusive mother that I bodily. And when he told me he had the subject, I was glad that we were going to remake the family. About Jacqueline, even if Alexandra Lammy’s character left, daughter The other Jacqueline, to Brazil to settle there as an architect.Refers to the actress.

Balasco found the text very funny because it does a lot on misunderstanding, linking misunderstanding with misunderstanding. Jacqueline does not live in the same world as her children and she is a bit far away, even if she has an emotional and sexual life that does not fail to cause confusion in her relationship with her daughter-in-law., Decompose.

As for Mathilde Sener, she had the opportunity to develop Carole’s character with Un tour chez ma fille, in the absence of her sister Stephanie, played by Alexandra Lamy:

“Carroll was extremely obnoxious at the start of the first composition, which was nonetheless somewhat profitable, even if she eventually compensated him. In this second act, she supported and pushed her, while she feared that her mother would take root in her, but he showed a lot of patience.

She’s also very invested in her job and always lacks time: she’s a character many women today recognize. ”Considered actress.

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Teaser tour of my daughter’s house, in the rooms on June 16th.