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Six groups control 90% of Hollywood TV networks and studios

The more screens the better Internet And less Skill: If there were dozens in 1980 Media On United StateSix giants now control 90% of the TV channels And the Hollywood Studios.

Brands are concentrated in very few hands, for example, it recently announced Warner merger with Discovery Group And buy Metro-Golden-Mayer (MGM) by Amazon.

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The announcements come at a time when US regulators are investigating Amazon Definitely Monopolistic practices. Additionally, a trial is being held for the same against an AppleThat just started its journey on Hollywood Thanks to millionaire contracts with Martin ScorseseAnd the Oprah Winfrey s Jennifer Aniston.

It’s strange because the vast majority of viewers feel there is more TV show. For example, in 2019, the 532 series premiered United State, A large number compared to 2009 with 210 launches, according to a report by FX channel Published by the newspaper New York times.

The revolution began in 2013, when Netflix I decided to stop being a container for other studios to shoot and release the first two original series: House of cards s Orange is the new black.

Less than a decade later, he appeared a program She has dozens of her own novels in countries like United kingdomAnd the French SpainAnd the Italy a Turkey, As it has established itself as a leader in record time.

Your Model Success – Production, Photography, Advertising and Selling Directly to consumerLed big movie studios to focus more and more on the small screen and imitate the focus-based model.

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Disney It is the best example. For years, a company Mickey Mouse Buy smaller studios: Lucas Film (star Wars), marvelAnd the PixarAnd the Miramax… and in 2019 it completed its growth with 21st Century Fox And associated brands such as searchlight s National Geographic.

The company has achieved this Disney +Your platform flowIn just one year, the number of subscribers exceeded 100 million subscribers, who are enjoying the work of Pixar, Marvel, and prestigious films such as BedouinOscar winner for best movie this year.

Disney It also controls United State The other two PlatformsAnd the Hulu s ESPN, In addition to the brand star On EuropeAnd the AsiaAnd the Oceania s Latin america.

In 2018, the operator AT&T I buy Time warning Which includes, among other things, studies Warner Bros.And the HBO And the CNN. But after three years, the operation was not enough AT&T This division will merge with the group DiscoveryTrademark owner Eurosport And the emission rights of Olympic Games On Europe.

And so, another media giant is similar to that Comcast, Which in 2013 bought the stock that General Motors Have NBC Global, A brand that focuses on studies my world (Jurassic WorldAnd the The Fast and the Furious) Series NBC And the Running platform peacock.

For its part, in 2019 Viacom (MTVAnd the NickelodeonJoin the series CBS And the Paramount Studios Under the same umbrella.

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With this panorama, an Metro-Golden-Mayer (MGMIt was one of the few studies that remained free, although resistance to it was paying off and accumulating a large debt.

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an Apple He was initially interested in buying, but negotiations were unsuccessful. finally AmazonShe, who already has her own studio, has won the award for which she aspires to increase her strength.

Sony PicturesWhich a decade ago was gigantic in it Hollywood, He’s now an average warrior and just signed a pact with Netflix To distribute their upcoming releases.

With information from EFE