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Juanes’ tweet about Cuba that divided social networks | the great explosion

In recent weeks, messages have emerged from artists of all kinds and circumstances showing their support for the Cuban people from different political viewpoints. Yutwill, Beatrice Luingo or Camila Cabello were among the artists who demanded an external solution to the Cuban health crisis. Others, like Residente, have raised their voices not only against Cuban leaders but also against the US embargo. We must add to all of them joans whose opinions divided Internet users.

“Cubans in exile have been saying that for years, and now Cubans on the island are saying it fearlessly, freedom! A powerful message to everyone. Communism is nonsense. Watch out, Colombia, everyone,” wrote one from Medellin on his official Twitter profile.

Just 6 hours after it was posted, the message had already collected over 30,000 reactions and not all of them were positive. There were many users who took advantage of this message to attack Juan with insults and disqualifications that should not be allowed on the social network.

Among the more moderate, there is a split of opinion between those who applaud the fact that Juanes stands in solidarity with the Cuban people and those who scold the soloist that I wouldn’t have done the same during the protests in Colombia Which a few weeks ago caused the deaths of dozens of people and the disappearance of many more in a brutal police crackdown condemned by hundreds of artists from around the world.

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“Even today I declare myself a fan of Juanes. I will never listen to a song composed by him,” “Like this!!! Or more clearly!!” , “Yes, eye, eyes of those who took the little ones in Colombia, for your daring to protest without fear” or “Thank you for raising your voice among so many silent people!!” were some of the messages from detractors and defenders of Juan that became a trend in the bird’s social network after his message.