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Ritmo Platinum – Frida Kahlo: The Symbol of the Latin American Woman of the Twentieth Century

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon He was born in Coyoacan, Mexico City, on July 6, 1907 to become a world icon.

It was The first Mexican painter recognized as a pop icon of Mexican cultureHer substantive work revolves around her suffering, her philosophy of life, her way of loving, her autobiography, and the tones and contradictions that made her unique and unrepeatable.

Through the pages of the latest version of Ritmo PlatinumYou will discover his childhood, his parents, the mysteries of the Coyoacan Blue House, his love for Diego Rivera, his sexuality, his passion for monkeys as a pet, his defiant eyebrows, and an undeniable symbol of his rare beauty; His intellectual friends and his contribution to feminism and the literature of the era.

In this edition we celebrate the world Frida Kahlo We invite you to be a part of this color journey.

personal style

Her garden florist, undisputed ambassador for her culture, face and Mexican fashion inspiration, is brought to the present in a photographic editorial as Atenas Hernandez, Cristina de Ron and Marcel de Moya, they explore and reveal their own connections to the artist, thus representing small or huge portions of that free and passionate woman of the twentieth century who, ever since, has always lived in us.

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