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Ski jump fits TVN like a nose fist

Ski jump fits TVN like a nose fist

TVP commentators not only love jumps and jumps, but most of all they love Poland.

The jump team doesn’t want to be TVN teasers! They’d rather lose than fool around in the anti-Polish sewer!

– wrote on Twitter Krzysztof Wyszkowski, one of the fathers of Polish liberation from communism, currently a member of the faculty of the Institute of National Remembrance. I joked on Twitter (after the first World Cup of the season in Nizhny Tagil): “We’re jumping on TVN and we’re already losing.” The issue of moving ski jumps to TVN is a phenomenon that goes beyond just changing the announcer.

Edward Miesczak, Channel Programs Director, said of TVN’s control of the jumps: “This is a historic change in the presentation of our programming. It will be enjoyed by viewers of our main channel and all Poland jumping enthusiasts. We will do everything we can to make them see this iconic discipline in an unprecedented version.” We’ll get back to how TVN does it best and why it doesn’t.

Polish TV’s response to the refusal to grant a sub-license:

Discovery has been jumping right since 2015 and has been granted so far under the honorary guarantee of Polish Television Sublicense.

But she stopped giving. The TVP statement explained this as follows: “It is difficult not to link this decision with the attempt to include sport in the political dispute over TVN and the use of ski jumping as a kind of hostage in this dispute. (…]With an interest in Polish sport and social interests, we appeal to the Discovery group to exclude Sport from the ongoing political conflict and start negotiations in good faith, in order not to destroy what Telewizja Polska has been building for many years recently and to allow millions of Poles to experience common sporting passions.”

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Real athletes would never like to lose, even if they participate in a competition outside of sports. But also, of course, they do not want to play the role of “idiots”, not only in some “sewer”. The fact is that in Niżny Tagil it was not so good when it came to the achievements of Polish jumpers. But it also did not do well on TVN, which apart from the main broadcast also jumps on its own operator platform (besides, you can watch the jumps at Eurosport, which belongs to Discovery).

Edward Miszak treated snowboarding as an ordinary sports discipline, or rather a part of the world of entertainment. And since the program manager of the station does this, he can be considered authoritative for the entire TVN group. And here is the dog buried. TVN and its people do not seem to understand the unique role of figure skating in Polish society. They do not understand the specific aesthetics that have been developed around jumping (mainly by TVP, but also by competition organizers in Poland). They do not understand the many non-sports functions performed by jumpers and jumpers.

In TVN, they do not understand that jumping into the aesthetics of the station and understanding the social and cultural functions of this system is like a fist. They do not understand who the Polish jumpers are, what region they belong to, what spirit they follow, why they are deeply religious people, and what values ​​they cannot exchange for anything, including money (even big ones). They do not understand the social and cultural phenomenon, first of Adam Macys, then Camille Stoch, and then the whole group headed by David Kobaki and Peter Shea.

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Anyone who has ever participated in a World Cup competition, since Adam Macys elevated this discipline to “national” status, will easily notice that jumping on TVN is a total foreign body. Mostly culturally. The competitions themselves in Poland, their Polish elements during competitions abroad, and above all their placement and presentation on TVP, is a case that can be considered a very valuable patent. It is a phenomenon and spectacle of folk, community, patriotism, noble, popular and symbolic culture at the same time. In TVN, everything is actually a strange and artificial thing.

Axiological matchmaking dominates TVN. In addition, superficial. The aesthetics of “young, educated, and from a big city” TV shows prevail there, that is, in practical terms, no one (it is similar to the so-called Polish romantic comedies, which are often co-produced by TVN). Because it is not related to the youth, nor the educated, nor the big city. It is about a specific image of these features, typical of the nouveau riche, mainly cultural traits.

TVP found a golden mean between folklore and the nobility of the jump letter. He influenced the creation of a large community around snowboarding, where sports results are not only important, although, of course, they are. She was also influenced by the comments of the jumpers, who not only had a rich press production, but were also prominent television personalities: Włodzimierz Szaranowicz, Krzysztof Miklas, Przemysław Babiarz and Stanisław Snopek.

Around the hops, TVP created an aesthetic that every Polish could identify with: a farmer or worker, and a university professor. Commentators who not only love jumps and hops, but above all love Poland will fit in. These aesthetics did not discriminate against anyone, and at the same time made the jump a feast, a celebration of national pride. On TVN, the message appears to have been addressed only to residents of the Wilanów district in Warsaw. And the suspension seems to relate to any discipline – from table tennis to curling and golf.

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TVN fiercely threw himself into a snowboard jump, believing that he would repeat the success of TVP and, above all, “kick” Polish television. The problem is that this station for the phenomenon and peculiarity of jumping in Poland does not and will not understand. This is a completely different sensitivity, different culture, different values, different aesthetics. With this station, it is impossible to create a similar community that existed when TVP broadcasts jumped. futile effort.

Soon TVN will get bored with the jumps instead of turning it into a great event as Polish TV did. Because you can already see that it’s not theirs, no matter how they tried. In any case, these efforts show that jumping in the opposite direction from what it should be in order to preserve the cultural, social and aesthetic phenomenon that has been jumping around for at least 20 years. The Poles will not forget what hops were, how they were displayed and what they caused in Polish society. The TVN is unable to refer to it for many reasons. Unfortunately, this also translates to the athletes themselves, whose size has grown with the scale of this discipline and accompanying phenomena, including TVP broadcasts. On TVN, it’s supposed to be the same sport, but completely different.