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“Tatort: ​​The Third Skin”: this is how the filming took place with real homeless people in Berlin – people

The younger president of a real estate company is lying dead in front of an apartment building. The residents were to be evacuated, and then the building was luxuriously renovated.

But the population does not want it to be so easy to deal with. For Inspectors Robert Caro (Mark Washke) and Nina Rubin (Merritt Baker), the tenants are the first suspects. They soon become acquainted with homeless Michael Kowalski, who constantly wanders around the building and is the tenant’s ex-husband.

Merritt Becker, 52, and Mark Wachke, 49, have been investigating Berlin since 2015.

Merritt Becker, 52, and Mark Wachke, 49, have been investigating Berlin since 2015.Photo: rbb/Gordon Mühle

Held in New Berlin, “Tatort: ​​Die Third Haut” (Sunday, 8:15 p.m., Das Erste) by Timo Jacobs (47, “Stand Up! looking for Love in All the Wrong Places”). His scenes were achieved privately by director Norbert ter Hall (54) in a semi-documentary style, sometimes even covertly.

“We filmed on the subway during normal operations. He didn’t know passersby,” Timo Jacobs told BILD am SONNTAG.

“I went through the aisles and asked to change. We made sure there were as many passengers as possible in the picture so no one could be clearly identified.” The actor added that he gave his speech about his failed life and asked for financial support. “Sometimes they would give me money too.”

One of the film’s decorations was also the city mission hygiene center at the zoo station. “We filmed in a separate area, but there were always real new homeless people who didn’t know we were filming,” Jacobs says. They didn’t notice it either. “Obviously my appearance was very well done because everyone considered me theirs.”

Photo: BUILD

“Third Skin” is a good case photograph of the problems of gentrification and affordable housing. Unfortunately he was not told in a very exciting way.

Saying goodbye to summer vacation “Tatort” is not that difficult. One new case is expected to continue on August 29.

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