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The company took advance payments, but did not bring any fertilizer

The company took advance payments, but did not bring any fertilizer

The entrepreneur took advance payments, but has not yet delivered the required fertilizers to 30 farmers from the vicinity of Września in Greater Poland. On Friday, the affected farmers closed the property where the fertilizer was to be placed.

Angry and desperate farmers stood yesterday on a farm in Pałczyna in the Miłosław municipality in Greater Poland, reports. They arranged a ban on the news that this property was used to store fertilizer, which was hidden from them by a dishonest businessman.

After the harvest, more than 30 farmers from the September district requested fertilizer from a specific company from the Miłosław municipality. Its owner collected an advance payment from them, but did not provide the fertilizers and did not return the money. Farmers lost tens from tens to 300 thousand zlotys in the above-mentioned advances.

As reported by, the farmers called the police to the place, and found that the above-mentioned company had already rented a barn to a storeroom from the owners of the property. They also proved that fertilizers are stored in the barn. Unfortunately, this fertilizer has already been billed to a completely different company than Września. As a result of this intervention, the police ordered the farmers to leave the property.

Meanwhile, a businessman who failed to fulfill fertilizer supply contracts found himself in serious financial trouble. For several days now, his company is officially undergoing a court-approved restructuring. The arrangement procedure is on hold, which means for the affected cultivators that they won’t get the money back soon…

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