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The Finnish bear attacked Erica Janka, the white Finnish athlete

Finnish athlete Erika Janka, 27, witnessed something terrible last Friday.

A bear attacked her.

“I was almost convinced I was going to die.”she writes on Instagram.

Erika Jänkä is part of the Finnish national biathlon team and competed at the WC in Oberhof, Germany last winter. In addition to sports, she works in the army as a border guard.

On Friday, I was out for an evening walk in the town of Kohmo near the Russian border – when a bear appeared from the woods and attacked.

without being physically harmed

Janka says she panicked, but managed without any physical injury after lying on the floor and playing dead.

“Yesterday’s events will surely leave deep scars for a long time to come. Having such a strong, almost convincing feeling that you are going to die is something you can never prepare for. Physically, I am thankfully fine and have not had any injuries. I am grateful for all the lessons I have collected in life through Being in nature and getting to know different animals.”she writes on Instagram.


Viltvårdaren Kimmo Piirainen Säger to tears Evening newspaper It is believed that there are nine bears in the area.

Recently, the military brigade received reports of seeing a mother bear and a cub in the woods.

Berenin cannot judge whether it was her mother who attacked Erica Janka.

– There was a lot of shooting in this area, so the bears have already managed to get used to the smell of people, so they probably aren’t afraid of people anymore. But attacking a human is not normal behavior for a bear. Bad situations can arise if a bear is protecting a cub or is in heat, but mating season for bears doesn’t start until after mid-summer and even then they don’t usually attack people. If that happens against the odds, the odds are low that the person will end up in the hospital, Berenen says.

Jänka shows the bear's tire tracks.
Jänka shows the bear’s tire tracks.