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Three coaches complete their teams before the end of the auditions, and production has relaxed the rules

Three coaches complete their teams before the end of the auditions, and production has relaxed the rules

Emile Bent, Florent Bagni and Vianney already have their full squad the soundor fourteen talents in each a team. The problem: There is still an episode of Season 11 blind auditions that will air Saturday night on TF1.

Should we expect only Marc Lavoine to turn around to recruit the two candidates he misses and that the rest of the show will be a feast of vocalists and rejected singers? That the believers of the phone line are assured, this will not be the case. At the beginning of the episode, Amal Bent warned, “Obviously, I can’t stop there.” “Even if I had twenty talents on my team, I would turn around to the end,” Vianney added.

‘We were victims of casting’

“I have no problem saying we have been overwhelmed this season, advance to 20 minutes Pascal Joix, Artistic Producer of the sound. We fell victim to an acting process that was generally better than it has been in past seasons. The coaches were struggling not to turn around and had to try to justify why. Florent Bagni always said to himself, “If he sings well, I’ll go.” »

While it is not uncommon for a coach to reach the next stage, it is one of the battles, with additional talent in his team, this year’s surplus has reached unprecedented proportions. It’s the first time we’ve had to attack on the last day of filming with only two places to distribute. As a producer, I wouldn’t tell them, “Turn around twice and that’s it.” We told them: “Go ahead and we’ll find the solutions,” continues Pascal Joix. In this case, it will be solved through three-way battles. “It’s not easy for us in production because it means more people, and there are a lot of things that play a role, but I’d rather have coaches and talents who are happy with their performance, on the contrary. It would be silly to tell them not to turn around,” the producer says.

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“There is room for everyone”

Concretely, blind tests were recorded over five days, at the end of December. It was made into seven episodes. The film, which will air on TF1 on Saturday, will largely respect the chronology of the last day of filming for which twenty talents have been called up.

Allowing coaches to select more than fourteen candidates is a matter of fairness. “I distribute talent between the first and last day and not tell myself: ‘If he doesn’t flip on the last day, it doesn’t matter.’ In fact, I need coaches to be able to constantly motivate and cheer them up with the talents and voices that come to try their luck. Whether it’s the first day Or the latter, there is room for everyone.Therefore, more than fourteen places.