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Trial, postponements without follow-up, Michel Sardo in the heart of the turmoil!

It’s a bad time for singer Michel Sardo. While he has yet to comprehend the endless delays of his musicals, the man who has crossed the seventy-year mark must ask himself his responsibility in case of jealousy. It’s the height! An unbearable shock sequence for his age. Yet this is the reality he must face.

Bad news series by Michel Sardo

Michel Sardo is facing cancellations of many of his shows over time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was a rather painful moment for him like many artists. He had to give up his concerts and find fulfillment in the theater.

While he had hoped to return to the stage recently, he found another obstacle in his path: the famous restriction of 2,000 people to indoor performances. Postpone “I Will Love You”, a musical inspired by the singer’s songs, without follow-up. It appears to be a series of misfortunes, especially when this trial takes place which points to his work.

How did Michel Sardo find himself in a case of jealousy?

It’s a funny problem that deserves clarification. The court case that saw the conviction of a jealous woman goes back years. The 65-year-old offender is in divorce with her 71-year-old husband.

After their divorce, they were forced to live in the same apartment separated into two parts. Cohabitation is not easy for the ex-husband. The guilty woman could not understand that her ex-husband had found another wife. The embodiment of his jealousy begins with the dismantling of the electricity and water network (on his side of the house).

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The artist played songs loudly to annoy her ex-husband and her new wife. These actions led to the husband’s depression, which ended in filing a complaint against his ex-wife. The jealous woman, who admits the facts and confesses her jealousy, was sentenced to 3 months in prison, suspended.

In the last appearance of Michel Sardo

Recently, Michel Sardo confessed to “MediLibre” to end his career as a singer. For him, 50 years on the stage is enough. He wants to give the stage to the new generation and make people laugh now. Which has so far encountered some difficulties. The health crisis has not yet allowed him to have a real chance to thrive in his new venture. But he said he was very happy to be able to play “Don’t Listen to the Ladies”.

What should we know about Michel Sardo?

Singer and actor, this Frenchman was born in 1947, on January 26 in the French capital. He is the son of actors Fernand Sardo and Jackie Sardo. Michel Sardo is the father of four children with his wife, Anne-Marie Perrier. Cynthia. Roman. David and Sandrine. We get acquainted with the nicknames: “Love Disease”; “I will love you”; Connemara Lakes.