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UKE szerokopasmowy Internet liczba użytkowników 2020

UKE: Nearly 8.5 million broadband internet users in Poland at the end of 2020

The Office of Electronic Communications announced the number of broadband Internet users in Poland at the end of 2020. It reached 8.5 million, which is 8% more than the previous year.

On December 31, 2020, he was in Poland 8429491 users to access broadband internet – The Office of Electronic Communications reported in an official communication. This is 658,697 more than the previous year. The number of broadband Internet users at the end of last year was determined on the basis of data from this year’s inventory of telecom infrastructure and services.

An inventory has been made of the fees to be paid Polish Film InstituteBrought by entities that provide on-demand audiovisual media services, such as video-on-demand services. The fee is up to 1.5% of revenue, but it is not paid by small broadcasters whose services are used by less than 1% of broadband Internet users.

According to art. 19 paragraph 6c of the Law of June 30, 2005 on Cinematography (Journal of Laws 2021, clause 257), obligation to pay to the Polish Film Institute, referred to in Art. 19 § 6a and 6b above of the Act is not bearing, among other things on an entity providing an on-demand audiovisual media service, that the number of users of all audiovisual on-demand media services made available to the public in the year prior to the year in which they were created Commitment to pay the Institute, 1% of subscribers to data transmission services that provide broadband access to the Internet.

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