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What did Luis de Lanno ask of beautiful women who wanted to be stars

Luis de Llano amid controversy over public denunciation of Sacha Sokol Photo: Luis de Llano

In the midst of the uproar caused by the announcement Sasha Sokol as she denounced that Luis de Lanno was manipulating her into starting a romantic relationship Since she’s just a teenager, an old statement from the producer now appears where he talks about the process of young women who sought him in his office to become stars.

In the last interview given by the creator yorde rosadoWhere he made statements that raised Sasha’s complaint, He denied that the lifestyle of entertainment producers is glamorous and full of conquestsnor women willing to do anything to get a role or record deal:

“You can imagine the producer is rotten, sitting in his office with a cigar and 20 old women waiting outside. That’s not true, the producer is in terrible trouble! It’s from eight in the morning until two in the morning, if your novel does not achieve the success you want, the train will take you. It is more of a legend than anything else,” he said in the controversial interview.

Users questioned the fact that Yordi and Luis de Lano talked about the Sacha Sokol topic in its full nature (Image: Instagram)
Users questioned the fact that Yordi and Luis de Lano talked about the Sacha Sokol topic in its full nature (Image: Instagram)

However, Di Lano mentioned that some mothers of aspiring stars would like to do more: “There was everything. The worst mothers were, sorry, I’ll stop there. Mothers who arrived with their daughters and sat there … Several mothers told me and I told them, madam, forgive me, but you are wrong.”calculated.

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“Do you think I could have made up the number of combos I did, the number of shows and series, if that were correct? Not possible! It is a myth that exists and will only exist in cinema, television and theater. But then it moves to greater levels, and that’s what gossip magazines and gossip shows live on. This myth exists and will continue to exist, because in novels you live by ambition. ”

In connection with these statements, a decade ago, Di Lano delved into his role as a producer and He revealed what condition he asks the beautiful girls who came with him. Which is that in 2012 the documentary film was released give me strengthfrom the band MolotovIt is an audiovisual material that tells the story and influence of the Mexican rock band, who released the song in the 1990s star bodyin whose words they mentioned Luis de Lanno, noting in a sarcastic tone that he “just wanted to sleep with them”.

Molotov released a song
Molotov released the song “El carnal de las estrellas” mentioned by Luis de Lano (Image: Facebook /molotovoficial)

Directed by Olallo blondeThe documentary collects testimonies from witnesses about the Molotov effect, including the testimony of Louis from Lanwho disclosed in the article What is the only condition he asked about celebrity wishers In order to make them famous.

In front of the audiovisual action cameras, Julissa’s brother He recounted what the young women who came to see him asked him Intent to go on to stardom.

“I have a little bit of a workout to do when a pretty girl comes into my office and asks me for a job. I’ve done it a few times, sometimes I’ve had up to six or seven times waiting. So I sit her down and tell her You want to be a star and you want to succeed. You look nice; You look beautiful in your good photos a look. So stand up, turn around, sit down…” he began.

The creator tried to shatter the lifestyle myth of a star producer Image: Infobae Mexico
The creator tried to shatter the lifestyle myth of a star producer Image: Infobae Mexico

“I’m starting to get nervous… You know, the situation changes.” “Okay, listen, I’m going to make you rich and famous, but I have one condition… One condition? But… I don’t want you to discuss it with anyone…I want it to be very personal between you and me, and I don’t want you to be offended Or take it the wrong way, but it is very important to me and I will be very honest and very direct with you,” continued the producer.

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When they start to get nervous, he changes his legs again, changes places… and ‘I swear, I’ll make you an all-star…’ Well… ‘Which?’ ” When you’re rich and famous… I don’t want to see you again in my life,” he said in the documentary available on YouTube.

With this statement, the creator of Timbiriche, Garibaldi and Kabah Shattered the idea that producers’ lifestyle is being held in the public’s imagination.

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