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ZDF continues the series The Doctor with the second season –

ZDF is more than satisfied with its new series “Doctor Blues” and is now announcing its extension at an early stage. Filming for Season 2 should begin with six new episodes in the summer. There is an encounter with Merab Nineidze as an extraordinary head physician in a raincoat and Taraby. The last two episodes of Season 1 will air on Thursday, April 22 from 8:15 PM. Additionally, the series is still available on ZDFmediathek.

In a small clinic in Uckermark, the talented and extraordinary Dr. Amine Blues (Nineidze) has always been for the welfare of his patients. With his team, he receives medical care in an idyllic but structurally weak area on the Polish border. At the same time, Dr. said. Amin Blues struggles with his past. He once fled his homeland when he was young and has now found a new home here. However, after the sudden death of his beloved wife, he was derailed. When he returned to the clinic shortly after, his friends and colleagues tried to help him through the difficult times.

His team includes Julia Richter as Dr. Barbara Forster and Danielle Fritz as Dr. Mark Schilling and Nadia Popileva as Physician Assistant Michael and Vincent Krueger as Vincent’s Assistant Nurse.

“Doktor Ballouz” by Uwe Urbas of X Films for ZDF.

The new series has turned in an average of 4.85 million viewers with a 14.9 percent market share since it launched in early April ( reported). According to the company, there is also the traffic for the six episodes with a total of 2.89 million views on ZDFmediathek.

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We are proud of our extraordinary doctor “Dr. Blues”, who also received a good response from the public. We look forward to the continuation of the series and increased collaboration with producer Uwe Urbas, author Conni Lubek, the creative team and above all with Merab Ninidze.ZDF Deputy Program Director Heik Hempel said.