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Boom! Former UFC Champion demolished by Youtuber. This is how. Life Knockout [WIDEO]

Who is Jake Paul? He is a very popular YouTuber, with more than 20 million users subscribe to his account on the site. He also starred in Bizaardvark, Disney’s American sitcom.

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“There were days when I slept on my cell phone, because my dad was panting and didn’t want to give away the house keys” [REPORTAŻ]

In August 2018, Paul conducted his first amateur boxing match. The American’s opponent, who won in the fifth round, was Britain’s Deji Olatunji. In January last year, Paul got more serious about boxing, but his fights are still classified as “horrific”.

In his first professional match, the American beat another Youtuber – AnEsonGib in the first round. In November, Paul needed only two rounds to deal with former NBA basketball player Nat Robinson.

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In April of this year, Paul was shocked by his first-round defeat to former wrestler and mixed martial artist Ben Askrin. In August, it was revealed that the American was better on points than former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley!

Smash Paul Woodley in the rematch

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Poland time, Paul was scheduled to face the most difficult task of his career as a boxer. The competitor of the American was Tommy Fury (7-0), the half-brother of the heavyweight champion – Tyson Fury, who was undefeated in the professional rings.

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But the fight didn’t happen because Fury withdrew from him due to a chest injury and a broken rib. – It’s embarrassing. They said, “Oh yeah, we’re going to fight Jake with a broken rib. We’re going to fight Jake despite his chest injury. We’re going to fight Jake with his hands tied behind his back.” And when the fight comes with me, they withdraw. Paul said at a press conference that he’s weak, acknowledging that he probably won’t take on Fury’s challenge anymore.

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Instead of Fury, Paul had a fight with Woodley. if calendar The first fight was a surprise, but the second match ended with an exciting and exciting knockout. Less than a minute before the end of the sixth round, Paul fired a powerful kick from his right hand, sending the former UFC champ to the ground.

Experts commenting on the fight noted Paul’s progress from duel to duel. The American is no longer called a “ruthless YouTuber”, but is also an increasingly better boxer and is not afraid of competitors with more experience in martial arts.