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Criminals use TeaBot and Flubot trojans in fake Android apps

Criminals use TeaBot and Flubot trojans in fake Android apps

BitDefender just announced that both Trojans can launch attacks using Android accessibility services. TeaBot and Flubot are the latest additions to the banking Trojan family. BitDefender researchers have discovered many malicious apps on Android It pretends to be real branded software, except it’s malware.

TeaBot can intercept our messages, it works as a keylogger, and it can even steal Google authentication codes. Flubot, a slightly newer malware, is also more straightforward in action – criminals use random SMS as a vector for this program. The software is also a bit simpler in terms of features – however, it can still steal bank details, contacts, text messages and other data. BitDefender has published a list of suspicious applications, such as Deutsche Bank Mobile or Commerzbank Banking. Fortunately, there are no Polish programs there, but it is better to be careful – especially since criminals can expand the scope of their activities. Especially since then FluBot is located in Poland – Appears in an SMS with the alleged “new package delivery”, in which there is a link to the malware.

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When it comes to hacking attacks, the FBI recently identified a hacker group that was standing by to attack the American giant in meat processing. In turn, Microsoft recently warned of Russian hackers targeting government agencies, think tanks, consultants and NGOs.