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‘N-Sync Singer: Lance Bass and her husband will be parents to twins’

‘N-Sync Singer: Lance Bass and her husband will be parents to twins’

In November, it’s time: Next up, former boy band N Sync singer Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin are expecting twins. A surrogate mother is currently pregnant with a girl and a boy like »People“mentioned.

In an interview with the American magazine, 42-year-old Bass and 34-year-old Torchin talked about the difficult process and the many setbacks that would have accompanied the fulfillment of their cherished children’s wish. One agent had a miscarriage last year. “It’s very disappointing that a dream like this could come true,” said Lance Bass.

There were a total of nine different egg donors, his partner Turchin explained. “It’s great to talk about that now, because I think couples often feel very lonely in this situation.” Knowing that other people are feeling the same way is “really comforting”.

On Tuesday, Bass posted a horror movie-style video with music on Instagram and TikTok. In it, the couple speculates that something mysterious will happen on Halloween, with a nod to the twins at the end.

In the interview, Bass joked that he hoped the twins would be born earlier than expected, on Halloween: “They must be Halloween kids,” he said. Kids later became as obsessed with Halloween as it was.

The couple have been married since 2014 and have been together for ten years. “We always knew that if we had a family we would try to have twins,” Bass said. His wife has a twin sister.

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