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“Pocher vs. Influencer”: Influencers swim against Ole – audience too

Updated on April 8, 2021, 8:14 am

A good year ago, Oliver Boucher dueled with Michael Windler on RTL. On Wednesday evening he faced new opponents: the Influencers. For Pocher, it was easy – but to the spectator, victory was dearly accomplished with a wasted life.


From Christian Fook

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You don’t know for sure, but Oliver Boucher should have laughed heartily at himself shortly before 9 PM. When influential medium Laura Wontorra asks Payton Ramola during an audition if she knows Christian Drosten, all she gets from her is an embarrassing “no.”

Now you have to know that Payton Ramola does not work in a field related to science. Not even in a scientific way. No, Ramola posts videos on YouTube showing the dressing table to subscribers, for example. On the other hand, she posts on Instagram pictures of herself that she looks dreamy about somewhere. There is also an orthodontic saying of any kind.

No, the worlds of Christian Drosten and Peyton Ramola could not be more different. However, a year after the Corona pandemic, it takes a large portion of global ignorance to not know who Christian Drosten is. And this is precisely the reason why the likelihood is that Boucher laughed at himself at this point, because the scene represents everything that Boucher repeatedly criticizes about influencers: the futile fictitious world in which they make their money.

Influencers are not Michael Windler

Now you can find it amazing or proven that Oliver Boucher and his wife, Amira, are making money from exactly these influencers. Because on RTL’s “Pocher vs. Influencer”, you play the two studio matches against influencers who criticize them otherwise – at least against those who have come: Christina Livina, Teen For Team, Sam Dylan, Peyton Ramola and Younes Zarro.

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The fact that these names should mean nothing to most people who still watch classic linear TV is a problem with “Pocher vs. Influencer” – albeit one of the smaller names. Because when Pocher started well a year ago on the show “Pocher vs. Wendler” on the same principle – a social media dispute, then a syndicated show – Michael Wendler was known to viewers outside of Instagram and Co.

Meanwhile, Michael Wendler has plunged into completely different areas after his coronavirus remarks, and so RTL should now allow Pocher to argue with influencers whose target audience really does not know – even if influencer criticism isn’t just popular with Pocher. And this is exactly where it would have been exciting if you had taken exactly that criticism in “Pocher vs. Influencer”. But you don’t have it. exactly the contrary.

Boucher versus influencer: All or none

When explaining the game “Pool Party in Dubai”, the word “autocracy” is mentioned briefly, otherwise, Wontorra states that Sam Dylan was in Dubai during the Corona pandemic. Of course, when it comes to Dubai, one can also talk about human rights in general, women’s rights in particular, freedom of the press, tax havens and other things, RTL prefers to let Pocher and Dylan throw little frames on their partners. Flamingo headdresses are bouffant instead.

Well, showcasing games is just showing games, but if you tackle serious issues, you should do it constantly – or just leave it. But when Dylan provides a half-baked justification that he only had a two-person gathering party with Georgina Fleur in Dubai, the Dubai theme is treated with Wontorra’s “well, well, well” and the rings fly over Flamingo.

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Obviously, both Wontorra and RTL don’t care why they actually got together here, it’s important for everyone to somehow be their face and put on a good show. He would have endured some stomach ache if he had been a good show. But it was not. It really starts with the first game, when Princess Bowsher and Twenty4tim have to drive small electric cars through a lovelessly designed conical track. One cannot place less demands on props.

Bowsher versus Al Moatir: No fish or meat

No, even with the gaming show “Pocher vs. Influencer” not really succeeding, because the other games, in which, for example, the terms had to be explained with emojis or the toilet tissue wall was skipped in fashion, were also below average In terms of entertainment value. So it was up to Sam Dylan to feed Boucher’s accusation of the intellectual superficiality of the powerful.

In a game where Dylan is blindfolded and they are introduced to stuffed ingredients in their mouths and in the end they have to guess which dish they can make of them, Dylan believes he recognized the dish “toothpicks with meat” rather than spaghetti bolognese. A nod from Dylan, albeit involuntary, is also helpful, which briefly mentions why Bowsher actually portrayed influencers.

But because Laura Wontorra also uses sayings like “Who will win the Pocher Challenge versus the Influencer?” The air is left far from any connection to the content, at the end of the show the intellectually weak phrase remains: “He who wins the game is right.” In this case they are the Pochers, but that doesn’t matter.

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With more ambition on the production side, it was possible to turn “Pocher vs. Influencer” into a smart show that takes the argument between the two parties seriously and at the same time turns it into a fun and revealing game show. But as it stands, Pocher vs. Influencer is just a waste of time.

In a new podcast, Amira and Oliver Boucher provide intimate insights into their private lives. In the first episode, Amira narrates how much she struggled from the start of the relationship. Thumbnail: imago images / future photo thumbnail: