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Tecate slogan: Hey girl!

Tecate slogan: Hey girl!

Am I asking for too much “No Doubt”, Gwen?

The winners of Gwen Stefani’s song list are those who grew up in skateboarding, surfing, ska punk and reggae because she initially took everything from the group with which she began performing on the Vans Warped Tour and, later, his solo wave.

Tecate Emblema brought it back with that formerly quenched counterculture nostalgia. It was the fourth turn on Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez in the old days of California 2Tone: Gwen and her dancers dressed as they had been for over 20 years and sang Sunday Morning and Underneath It All.

Breaking generations in Tecate Theater, those influenced by Kingdom Tragedy Songs (1995), Back to Saturn (2000) and Rock Steady (2001), all are well recognizable by Vans and ski wear; And those from the singles stage at Anaheim Girl, those who had a great time with Rich Girl and The Sweet Escape.

The smell of a rock festival came in. Gwen received flowers, she tried to speak Spanish, she cried, and she prayed to God that she couldn’t believe her music got that far, well, how do we explain to her that Mexico also has MTV and has a strong SKA scene? Hey hey good singing and don’t talk!

Gwen is still that rebellious girl who has expelled her demons with all those songs that in three years’ time will celebrate three decades of being a soundtrack for minority and majority, because, as said before, she became independent from Tony Canal (guitarist No Doubt) and let the rest of the boys By going global more.

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At the conclusion of this edition, after singing Cool, he signs a girl’s arm but promises to sniff it. His confrontation with Mexico ended with Just a Girl and Hollaback Girl.

Once again, Sebastian Yatra deceived the audience by opening a total of 41. He insisted that it was not usual for Fat Lips to sound, but perhaps his audience was already used to it. It was great to hear a little bit of pop punk before the Red Heels.

The partner has replicated most of his show, which was previously performed at the National Auditorium, and is now auditioned at a festival. Practically a different experience, because relaxing with the Traicionera became good, hot and sensual, but the stories caused a dip in the afternoon.

In other words, by 7:20 p.m., what they wanted was to drop it all on the floor with Chilli or flirt as they did with boyfriend Ya no tiene, sampling Give it Away, by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Yatra and his band want to become rock stars. Sebas’ wish made the race mixed tequila with so many things to start the party. Runaway made you want to do it, but Desire on the Beach was even more longing for that little song you recorded with the Jonas Brothers, right?

Taking off his shirt was probably the best part for his girlfriends, lovers, and lovers. Also closing with a couple of the year, an introduction to Kali O’Shea to come a little later.

And they did. If they went to see Mexican driver Kenia OS, who sounded bad, or Mariah Angeliq to throw it all out with Perreito, they’d exactly come to sing Telepathy with Mexican-American. Then stay up to Gwen Stefani. Morat, Fuego and Kurt were the good thing for all the attendees who arrived early for a barbecue.

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