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Muriel Robin introduced herself to her character and the reasons

My Angel TF1. Marilou Perry and Muriel Robin are the protagonists of “Mon Ange”, TF1’s new crime novel. Muriel Rubin confided that this role “resonates” with her.

[Mis à jour le 6 janvier 2022 à 20h45] TF1 will release a new movie on Thursday 6 and 13 January 2022. My angel She sees Muriel Robin looking for her missing daughter for eight years, and Marilou Berry Investigate the new disappearance of a teenage girl. If this fantasy is far from the reality of the two actresses’ lives, Muriel Robin admits it 20 minutes : his character in My angel It “resonates” in her, as she was inspired by things she was able to experience herself: “I lived in the provinces and know what it means to be alone and different. I was looking for my sexuality… I was different, people talked about me, they looked at me differently. I know. What is this unit, I know that.”

In addition to photographing My angel childhood echo Muriel Robin. Quite simply because the series was filmed in Haute-Loire, in a spot where it was most notably at summer camp: “I was in a boarding house called Les Pins, remembers at a mic blue France, is held by a couple who call themselves Aunt Francoise and Uncle Raymond. I went to see Aunt Francoise, 101, at a nursing home in Chambon last week. I met her daughter and we went to see this lady of whom I had fond memories. I was very happy to see this person again.”

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TF1 is broadcasting its exciting new movie on January 6 and 13, 2022. My angel Featuring Muriel Robin and Marilou Berry, they both investigate, to varying degrees, the disappearance of young girls. The first, Suzanne Brunet, has suffered for eight years in the absence of her only daughter, and believes she recognizes her in a newspaper clipping from a small village. The second investigation into the disappearance of a teenage girl, which took place shortly after Susan’s arrival.

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My angel It is a thriller in only four episodes, on TF1 TV over two nights. Channel One will present two episodes next Thursday, and conclude next week at 9:05 pm. If you missed the TV broadcast, know that, like the rest of the channel, the episodes will be available the next day for replays on MyTF1. The entire mini-series is already available on the Salto subscription platform.

Abstract Eight years after the disappearance of her daughter, Julie, Susan Brunet continues to search for her. One day, Susan came across an old photo in the newspaper, in which she recognized the jacket her daughter had been wearing on the day she disappeared. I decided to give up everything to go to the village where the photo was taken. Shortly after her arrival, a young woman disappears, and the inspector in charge of the investigation, Gabriel Varane, is determined to connect this new case with Julie’s disappearance.

  • Muriel Robin: Susan Brunet
  • Marilou Berry: Gabriel Farran
  • Patrick Chesnais: Paul Farran
  • Alexandra Vandernott: Stephanie Mojian
  • Michael Lumiere: Maxime Varane
  • Jordi Le Poulch: Hugo Mugen
  • Erica Saint: Nadine Bastian
  • Mhamed Arezki : Mehdi Bastien
  • Louisiana Governor: Anais Girard
  • Roman Jolly: Julie Castro
  • Nathanael Poseivoire: Thierry
  • Max Laert: Felix Tossauds
  • Matteo Spinosi: Xavier Cara
  • Alexis Moncorgi: Nicola
  • Nicolas Gouhet: Eric Desner
  • Pauline Briand: Celeste
  • Chloe Raynaud: Violet
  • Alexis Louison: Raphael Mojian
  • Daniel Ngo Lobby: Priest

My angel It is a four-episode mini-series airing on TF1 from January 6 to 13, 2022. These two episodes are available from 9:05 PM on TF1. All you have to do is go to Channel One to follow the series, or go to the “Live” tab of MyTF1 on a tablet, smartphone or computer. The next day, the site shows the broadcast of the previous day’s episodes as a replay of a few days if you missed the broadcast.

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My angel It is a small French series that is broadcast on TF1 on January 6 and 13, 2022. To follow the broadcast during the broadcast, all you have to do is connect the two mentioned days on the myTF1 website, by clicking on the “Live” tab. If you want to watch My angel Later, know that the subscription platform jump Offers all episodes. It will also be available in replays on myTF1 after it airs.